Teak Root Table

Teak Root Table

Alas Gembol is located in Java Indonesia, where the largest teak plantation in the world located. We are teak root manufacturer and export company based in Yogyakarta which have 18th years experience in this business. As an export company we have v legal wood certificate from the government. Furthermore, Not only focused on teak root table, there is more design of teak root furniture and wooden craft in our workshop. Most of our products made from teak wood, suar wood and lychee/longan wood material. Our products : teak root table, teak root coffee table, teak root table base, teak root table large, teak root table glass top, teak root table and chairs, teak root console table, dining table, side table, end table, teak root bench, stool, teak root shelf, rack, accessories, teak root accessories stand, divider, wall tile, mirror, bowl, teak root table lamp, planter, petrified wood base, also wood product combination with glass, resin, iron, stainless steel, etc . #teak root table Indonesia #teak root table Asia #pure teak root coffee table

Alas Gembol

Teak root furniture manufacturer and export company

teak root
teak root
teak tree
teak tree

Teak Root penetration

Teak Root require three things : water, oxygen, and soil compaction levels low enough (or with void spaces sufficiently large enough) to allow root penetration. If all these conditions are met, roots can grow to great depths. Certainly, under ideal soil and moisture conditions, roots have been observed to grow to more than 20 feet (6 meters) deep. read more….>>

Teak Root Table Indonesia

teak root coffee table
teak root coffee table

Beautifully hand-crafted solid teak root coffee table from Java, Indonesia, where the largest teak plantation in the world located.
Most noteworthy, the unique nature of the teak root means no two tables will ever look the same. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, these stunning teak root coffee tables really are one of a kind.
By the way, handmade from solid teak, the Java Teak range of furniture and accessories originate from Central Java and East Java. All the pieces in this range are fairly traded. Therefore, the teak wood is hand carved and sanded to a smooth waxed finish and teak oiled.

The teak root furniture is made from the root of teak trees, a by-product that would normally go to waste. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted to create these unique, wonderful items. Due to the nature of the teak root, the shape and appearance of each one will vary greatly so the pictures are examples but the one you receive will be completely unique, with no two pieces looking the same.

Teak root coffee table

teak root tables

We have a lot of item and design of teak root table. Teak Wood, suar wood and lychee wood (longan wood) is a natural material that can be easily cut and shaped which gives you the chance to make all types of tables. For instance, you can make some shape of wood logs, or maybe create some interesting shape out of wood slices.

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Teak root table glass top

Teak root table large

Actually, there are a lot of model of huge item (length or diameter >1,2 meter). We have two kind of material for teak root table large size : suar wood and lychee wood (longan). You can buy just top of table, include with wooden leg or iron/stainless leg. We receive custom design of those leg.

Teak root table base

You can order our teak root table include the round/rectangular glass or just the table base (teak root only not include the glass top).

teak root table base
teak root table base

Testimonial from our Customers :

” Actually, I like Alas Gembol.… I have bought some 40ft High Cube containers of their products over 2 years and never disappointed. Alas gembol gave a good price for me and I think I have a good market for this products in my area. “

Edward (*****craft)
Miami, Florida, US

Has purchased a 40 feet High Cube container every month for at least 2 years from CV Alas Gembol

Frequently Asked Questions :

Customer : Do you have an online catalog with sizes and prices?
A : First of all, our website is an online catalog, But there is new products updated every month. Therefore we would like to send you our full catalog by email.

Customer : What is the minimum purchase requirement?
A : We establish the minimum order is 20 ” container

Customer : Do you provide samples?
A : No. Because we send a lot of the product in one container. Free on board term.
We pay the local handling, like trucking, send the document, etc. And the buyer pay the shipping from Port Semarang to buyer’s port. Usually our customer buy the samples in 20 ” container.

Customer : Do you take pictures of the finished product?
A : Yes off course. Usually, our customer want take the picture before we send them in a container

Customer : What is the finishing process for the wood products?
A : As the buyer”s request. natural look with wax, shellac, white wash paint, water based paint, grey etc.

Customer : Can we visit your factory and handpick our own pieces?
A : Yes off course. That is a good plan to visit our factory and then talk about the products.

Customer : What is your supply capability?
A : We can supply 8 containers 40″ high cube per month

Customer : Can you give us an example of how much product would fit in a 20’ container?
How many tables , slabs, seats etc., just so we have an idea.
A : Yes we would like to send our catalog, company profile and an example of order in 20′ container.

Customer : How much do you estimate a 20’ container would cost?
A : US $ 5000 – 6000

Customer : Do you have an estimate on how much the freight cost would be for a 20’ and 40’ container to our country?
A : Yes we have.. please give us your port name.

Usually our customer whose retail store in Asia, Europe, Canada and USA bought 40′ HC container of our products. They would be sold out in two weeks. I suggest you take the 40′ HC.

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