Here we are in January 2020. We use to set new resolution and new goal in this month. Are you the one who set some kind of lists? Or probably, you are continuing live as well as to be. You still have your last plan and set up to achieve it.

Well, I’m not the list maker, nor the one ignoring plans, but alwayse love having motivation to start over. However, I need mood booster. And, since this blog is about home design then I’d like to start over home. Our live deserve a bit inspiring, so does our home. Here are some projects you could try in search of new inspiration for the next 12 months.  

  • Draw the wall

Colour brings different ambience. Instead of asking painter to colour the wall, why dont you challenge yourself to paint? Pinterest will supply you so many creative ideas on drawing and colouring. Spread up your emotion on the wall. Ask your friend or children to help you. It could be a quality time with your beloved one.

Drawing on kid’s room
  • Get rid of the old stuff

It could be posters on the wall, old photos, faint painture, tight clothes, shoes, and so on. We all have these old stuffs. Since last year, or decade? We used to store all the memorable things and to forget them. We actually could sort them out and still have the memories. Keep some stuff on you, donate some others, bring the broken to the recicling bin. Then, you will get free space. And I’m sure that it will free the complex braid on your feeling.

Messy stuff
  • Learn something new

We can learn almost anything on Youtube. Why dont we try something outside our hobby? It could be fotography, knitting, gardening, calligraphy, or making comic? Which one interest you?

Joining comunity is a good thing too. From writing comunity to travelling. Cooking to drawing. Ballet? Green Peace? Young entrepreneur? New experience and new friend are absolutely a perfect match.

  • Break a small space

Tight neglected space in our house actually is a lab for experience. For exemple: the window sill. Could we hang pot plants on it? I made macrame to hang my pot plants. Others made macrame for home decor. It could be hung on the window sill, on the wall, in replace for your old accessories.

What’s other neglected space? A small corner on the wall? Could we do something for it? Be creative.

Hanging plant on window sill
  • Herbs and succulent in the kitchen

Having a clean and organized kitchen is our dream. We did a routine cleaning chore but also storing for the dish we dont need. We thought while shoping that this mug was just too sweet to be set on the table, that the condiment was perfect to store sweets. After years, we are just bored.

Dont drop you-think-it’s-useless-dish in the cabinet. Reuse mugs as a herbs/succulent pot. Display it as a centerpiece. Or, sit them near your sink.

Herbs smell is a bugs repellent. They add favor to your cuisin. While succulent is a slow grower plant. Keep the soil moist and it currently bring a new fresh look to your kitchen. 

  • Free space only for you

After a lot of hard work, free space is an extention. Have a nook near the window? An attic? Small sideyard where you could move a stool and occasional small table? Those are the right place to sit while a cup of chocolate on hand. An area to read a book, scroll online news, or just relax after working.  

Small round table and stool

Any projects inspiring you? Anyway, the best mood booster is taking action! What do you think?

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