Teak Wooden Vase

teak wooden vase

If your console or coffee table is feeling empty and you need something unique to freshen the vibe, consider for adding this small stylish vase. Put your plant pot, your colourfull pens, or your handmade flower decor you always want to show to your guest on it. It’s not only make the space look new, it’s also bring live to your table.

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Teak Wooden Vase

Easiest Ways to Make an Inviting Front Porch

Time definitely goes fast. After two months, we’ll reach 2021 in winter/summer. Certainly, different country, different season. What season are you in?

Northern hemisphere countries now enjoying the falling leaves. While southern are in spring. Ah, wherever you are, every season comes in it’s beautiful tone. Let’s praise!

As the season changes, I’d love to welcome it by sitting on my front porch, regarding and listening to the sound of nature. Such a melancholic?! Oh, it’s just my way for calming myself while the deadline try to catch me out. Since the pandemic oblige me to stay—hibernate—at my home office, it’s really relaxing to get different atmosphere outside.

Have you feel it too?

As I need to fulfill my 15 minutes of rest from the screen, it’s a habit for me to take a short break in the front porch. I’ve tried to arrange some furniture to set it comfy. And actually, with a bit creativity, we could get a cozy front porch to please ourselves and our future guest. Check out the following.

Rocking chair or a swing porch?

I tried them both. It’s difficult for me to choose which one more inviting. So, rather than ditch one of them, I switch rocking chair to swing, swing to rocking chair. May sound fatigue? Ah, it’s not that tough after all. Otherwise, you’ll probably amazed of the result. A classic rocking chair or a textile colorful swing would freshen up the front porch. And now, you have an escape from your task while watching life goes by.

Bar table

Having snacks during your busy day could help you stay fit and keep your mood on. A small table and a chair in the front corner would be a satisfying properties to serve you. Remember the coffee shop you often visit? Now you have the imitation one.

A cup of coffee, a muffin, served on a table are just a perfect view while the arriving season send a beautiful scenery in the front porch.


It’s another alternative to create a relaxing front porch. The distinctive difference between a chair and a bench is, I could such lay on the bench while a chair not. After hours sitting on the office chair, my back deserve some minutes of stretching out. Avoid to lay down on the bed, I do need my spirit on working.

After all, whether you want to host a guest or you just want to calm your mind, our front porch deserves a good looking layout. It’s the first impression of our home. Take benefit of it and get your style.

Addin Negara

Addin is a house plants enthusiast, a detective novel addict reader, previously worked as a fiction editor, and lately a writer about home design and decor.

Style your Home to Break the Boredom

Five months since we work from home with electronic equipment around and almost everything digitized. We are moving from bed-kitchen-laundry room-(home) office-TV-back to office. We stay 24 hours home. We get used to order food delivery, cooking, doing laundry and chore by ourselves. Also, being adapted to online meeting. It’s our habit now.

Do you get the ritme?

Absolutely, you (should) have to!

This year, we learn to survive at home. It’s not only to do anything by ourselves, but also to manage the stress. We could end up on being stress for struggling in a routine task, in the same space and view, again and again. Likely, we need different taste, new vibe, and fresh air. Even so, the situation is different. The new normal situation doesn’t allow us to hang out normally. We are under several protocol to obey.

However, we could try to get a fresh look in our lovely home (where else?). I come up with some ideas to style our home and I wish that it could take over the boredom. Let’s take a look for these items.

  1. Styling  Storage

    When it comes about stuff, then it always about storing stuff to where they belong. Of course. It’s a wasting time finding key, note, pen, hairbands…any(small)thing in a messy storage. But, even a tidy shelf would come into a messy box after months. Then, let’s reorginise them. Drop stuff from storage A to B, B to D, switch them. Place  the goods you often use to the nearest drawer. Try to change your rack  position to another spot, or to the opposite corner.

    Yes, you would get it clean and neat. Furthermore, it would refresh and change over the look of your room.

  2. Room Divider

    Months ago, we locked the door, spent 8 to 9 hours in the office, and get back home to bed. Today, our house is also an office. We could take laptop to bed, to dining table, to table in front porch, and in the afternoon, you find yourself in the patio.

    Do you get your focus?

    I really am suggest you to divide between fun time and office time. Working in the office cubical may sound tiresome, but it helps you to get your focus. Anyway, you could hang a curtain to replace the conventional cubical. Or, a room divider? As it’s name, it works to separate space, block your views, and to keep you focusing on your job.

  3. Bar Table

    The nook of our room might become a forgotten area. Although, with a bit creativity, we could decorate or use it. Plants is a decoration that everyone love, and you could take benefit on it, for sure. Add a pot of mother tongue plant or golden photos would make different your nook, moreover they could purify the air too.

    Nevertheless, at the corner near the window, setting a simple small table and a chair would give your room an additional view. Comfort yourself with a cup of chocolate while sitting and enjoying the view through the window.

  4. Side table

    One room needs to be enhanced is your private room, the bed room. it’s a room where we throw out our fatigue. No doubt, a qualifying bed time, after all day working, is important to get you fresh in the morning.

    Prepare yourself to get a better sleep. Read a book could help you reducing stress. Also, put your smartphone, set alarm, and serve a glass of water. Though,  the side table would work for relying anything in a reachable distance.

    Certainly, there are much more to do to enliven your room. I would like to know it. Share me yours!

Get yourself in a Mood while Sheltering at Home

How is life after quarantine?

After several weeks, I—you?—jump into feeling stuck. It’s not easy for me to stay “sane” while social media spurt out COVID-19 victims, dobble—hard—chore to do, children school tasks, and of course my job. All in one pack. Every day. But, I need to keep going. Let’s breath… and here are some tricks to give my mood an upgrade which you absolutely could try too.

Work Booster

1. Reset the Spot

We need the right location for the office, of course. In a private room, in attick, in a lovely patio, even in a nook could be a place to set your desk. How about to switch into one of them?

Having children? Well, do you want to work with your children in one room, or in separate place? Is it okey having job to do—with deadline—while your children have to do their homework, in one room? Go discuss with them. My children have their own studio and I have a large desk. If we want to, we can do our work together, in my desk.

Pay attention where the sunlight come from. You certainly need the light to work.

2. Clean your Desk, from Anything

Every day we will bring something to the desk; coffee, muffin, papers, even banana. In fact, you just need one pen and note since we work with laptop. No need to fill your desk with a lot of office stuff. Get your new equipment to where they belong. Beside, our hands need some space to rely comfortably.

3. Redecorate

Give your desk a fresh fragrant flower pot, or spray a parfume. Stick a chalkboard sticker as a to do list note. Place a colorful hand pad to comfort your wrist. Print a drawing pattern, or use ribbon to touch up your agenda. Put cushion for your back. Otherwise, do you need to change your chair?

Feel the different.

4. Stay Stylish

When was the last time you buy a new lipstick? Are you still in touch for fashion? Actually, we are in the teleconference era. We are at our own home, but people still notice for what you wear. Bring your energy out. It appears from what you look.

Mood Refreshment

1. Growing Plants

Garden is a great lab not only for us, kids too. Growing edible plants and herbs are good choices since we aren’t allowed to go outside often. Then, let’s get ourself busy on the ground, container, or even a narrow window sill could work for growing flowers. Interesting on hidroponic? Then, try. Composting? Why not?

2. Preparing Backyard/Sideyard for Picnic

Simply replace small flower into the bigger pot, switch one pot to another, put them on a rack, cut some long branch, brown leaves, pour fertilizer, water, and done. Now you have a new spot for picnic.

Then, lay a mat. Bring your lunch there. Prepare an umbrella, sun glasses, and novel. A juicy fruit would be nice too. If you could set a hammock, it’s perfect!

3. Workout with Children

How long have you stared the monitor? Do you take your supplement regularly? When did the last day you go to the gym? You still could do workout at home, with no equipment. Then, why dont we enjoy it with children?

Missing for swimming? A paddling pool would cheer your kids. It will be exciting.

4. Virtual Family Dinner

Family dinner surely is a memorable moment. But, some of us have to face this quarantine with nobody. However, we certainly could stay connect with them. Call your mom/dad. Ask them for having virtual family dinner. Stay happy for them—for you too—and enjoy the moment.

Have you found a way to make your day lively? I bet you have. Share me yours in comment.

How do You Spend your Life Inside Home? (Part 2)

In the last article, I talked about starting good and new habit, also preparing office at home. Below, I go on cleanliness and stress management. It’s about us, our work, our life, and of course our beloved home.

More concern of the cleanliness                                                 

While we spend almost all day in home, it’s time to check all over corner of our house. Rather than cleaning all over part of the house, cleaning each room per day would be easier. That’s what I’ve done. It won’t waste much energy. But if you want to and able for cleaning over entire house, why not? Clean the room you often use first, like bathroom and kitchen. And, a little exchange of furniture’s display would refresh our home too.

Since the virus may life on the surface hours to days, focus to disinfect objects we touch often, such as: the door knob, remote control, keys, light switches, glasses. Check your soap supply. Put it near wash basin. Also, it’s important to practice physical distancing, avoid touching face area, and wash your hands often.

Stay happy

I do feel bored stay at home all weeks. Still, there are some ways we could do.

I’m talking about clothes and shoes we keep in wardrobe, books covered dust we display on rack. Why dont we donate them? Sharing is also a kind of happiness.  

Any other collection?

  • Orginizing memories

Our digital photos or video may need to be up loading to cloud, some may need to be deleted. Some might be printed, then decorate it with handmade frame. It would be another activity to get rid of bored.

  • A Sudden Video Maker

Nowadays, Zoom, GoogleClass Room, and others teleconference applications are in trend for online meeting. Say hello to your family/friends. Share your instant video for your beloved. Stay connect with them. If you are not familiar using such applications, then it’s time to train yourself. Have fun with new skill!

  • Get yourself busy

It could be more concern for your plants or pet. Search some info on the internet. How much light does the plant need, when to move a new sprout, is the flower edible or not. Know better your plant, let them clean the air and add elegance to your house.

What do you want to be busy for?

  • Make some new plans

Stop feeling tired. Let’s stay positive and keep your head up.

 Anyway, how do you live your life? Share me your though.

How do You Spend your Life Inside Home? (Part 1)

COVID-19 hit every inch of our life. Our activities, bussiness, schools, home, travels…, everythings had to be done in different way. Our face to face life’s—which had burdened by gadget—getting tight. Then, our digital media had overloaded by the fact and myth of this virus, washing hand info spread to all over social media, lockdown and financial issue get into the head of news.

What should we do against this situation?

Being obey of the doctor’s and government’s policy are the best thing we can do. Now, stay at home and work from home seem to become the most popular phrase we’ve heard. However, as everythings change around us, let’s check some lists below that I wish could recharge your enthusiasme.

Restart your good and new habit

Attempting our morning routine before working from home is a good mood booster to make the day.  

  1. Making your bed

How long have you been forgotten to tidy up your bed? Is this only for our childhood chore? After messing it all night, tidying it up does’nt need any pain. It’s simple and easy

2. 15 minutes simple work out

Choose the simplest, easiest work out from your favorite tutor’s video. The best way to start daily routine work up is just do it anyway!

3. Cook your own healthy breakfast

Supply your kitchen with vegetables, fruits, fillet, oat, and dry spices. Search some info in the internet about how to store them in container and how to cook a modest healthy cooking. And, take your pan, try to cook your own. Serve yourself your handmade breakfast. If this is your first time, it’s thrilling!

4. Coffee or tea, milk or juice?

If you used to make coffee in the morning, exchange it into juice would be worth to try. Would you?

Prepare your office

Is this the first time your working from home? Then, we’ll need a proper office. We’ll do everythings—from coffee to cleaning service—ourself.

  1. Set your table, stationary, and paper

Office tools should be ready in your table. Arrange your table and light in the right spot so you could work comfortably.

2. Clean your social media

Every task is under your control. No one patronise you. Create such an office taste. It means no online shoping, nor chit chat before you handle your task. What’s your schedule today?  

3. Keep up to date

You can gather all information in one click from your smartphone. Daily news of your local government would keep you aware of your situation now

4. Prepare your own snack

Sorry, it’s not potato chip nor muffin. Would you try yoghurt or fruits? Mind your health.

Continue reading part 2

6 Mood Booster Projects on 2020

Here we are in January 2020. We use to set new resolution and new goal in this month. Are you the one who set some kind of lists? Or probably, you are continuing live as well as to be. You still have your last plan and set up to achieve it.

Well, I’m not the list maker, nor the one ignoring plans, but alwayse love having motivation to start over. However, I need mood booster. And, since this blog is about home design then I’d like to start over home. Our live deserve a bit inspiring, so does our home. Here are some projects you could try in search of new inspiration for the next 12 months.  

  • Draw the wall

Colour brings different ambience. Instead of asking painter to colour the wall, why dont you challenge yourself to paint? Pinterest will supply you so many creative ideas on drawing and colouring. Spread up your emotion on the wall. Ask your friend or children to help you. It could be a quality time with your beloved one.

Drawing on kid’s room
  • Get rid of the old stuff

It could be posters on the wall, old photos, faint painture, tight clothes, shoes, and so on. We all have these old stuffs. Since last year, or decade? We used to store all the memorable things and to forget them. We actually could sort them out and still have the memories. Keep some stuff on you, donate some others, bring the broken to the recicling bin. Then, you will get free space. And I’m sure that it will free the complex braid on your feeling.

Messy stuff
  • Learn something new

We can learn almost anything on Youtube. Why dont we try something outside our hobby? It could be fotography, knitting, gardening, calligraphy, or making comic? Which one interest you?

Joining comunity is a good thing too. From writing comunity to travelling. Cooking to drawing. Ballet? Green Peace? Young entrepreneur? New experience and new friend are absolutely a perfect match.

  • Break a small space

Tight neglected space in our house actually is a lab for experience. For exemple: the window sill. Could we hang pot plants on it? I made macrame to hang my pot plants. Others made macrame for home decor. It could be hung on the window sill, on the wall, in replace for your old accessories.

What’s other neglected space? A small corner on the wall? Could we do something for it? Be creative.

Hanging plant on window sill
  • Herbs and succulent in the kitchen

Having a clean and organized kitchen is our dream. We did a routine cleaning chore but also storing for the dish we dont need. We thought while shoping that this mug was just too sweet to be set on the table, that the condiment was perfect to store sweets. After years, we are just bored.

Dont drop you-think-it’s-useless-dish in the cabinet. Reuse mugs as a herbs/succulent pot. Display it as a centerpiece. Or, sit them near your sink.

Herbs smell is a bugs repellent. They add favor to your cuisin. While succulent is a slow grower plant. Keep the soil moist and it currently bring a new fresh look to your kitchen. 

  • Free space only for you

After a lot of hard work, free space is an extention. Have a nook near the window? An attic? Small sideyard where you could move a stool and occasional small table? Those are the right place to sit while a cup of chocolate on hand. An area to read a book, scroll online news, or just relax after working.  

Small round table and stool

Any projects inspiring you? Anyway, the best mood booster is taking action! What do you think?

Work with an Awkward Nook

When you finished working with your house, you walk around fixing all you have done before, then you realise that there is still one more to do with an awkward narrow corner or an empty tight space in your house, what would you do? Emptying this small corner make you feel weird for the balance of your room, but filling it with furniture would make it too crowded. It’s just not right, not filling the shape. 

Finding the best furniture that satisfy your feeling is tricky. But, let me try to fulfill it. Take a look of these various products. Let’s make this awkward nook useful or decorate it.

The Small Nook


It’s a must have item in every household life. I usually keep my little and easy-losing stuff in the drawer. And also for something that I don’t want my kids get. Still love reading books? Keep your read-later book in it, to avoid anyone screwing up your page.

Rack and Vas

Plants will refresh the atmosphere of your room. You can choose, hang the plant, add this slim plant rack, or just put the plant in a big vase. Many plants can thrive well indoor. Others can grow better in shade. I suggest you to try succulent. They don’t need often watering and are a low maintenance plants. Adding snake plants or photos family will freshen up your room. They are good for purifying air too.

Accessories: Lamp, Hat Holder, Mirror

Decorate a small nook with lamp or hat holder would be a good idea. Both of them are useful and beautiful. Mirror is one of my favorite accessories. Hang it in the corner. Set the position to get better sunlight refraction. It would make the room look brighter and bigger.

End table

What is the function of this small table? Put a vas on it. Or a bowl full of fruit, mushrooms, other accessories. Or put nothing. Your guest can lay their stuff on it. It’s really is an extension to be placed in a nook. 

Your awkward nook is a bit longer?

Book Shelf

Actually, a book shelf is not only for book lovers. You can put books—of course—but also photos here, toys, or your mini DIY projects. You can get double benefits: keeping books and also your accessories. Try to set them in color, shape, and height. It’s functional and eye catching for your guest.

Console Table

This long and slim table place closely to the wall. I usually use it to put anything before and after going. You can display anything on it too.

So, what do you think? Let me know it in comments….

Sideyard Ideas to Try

Being fed up on neglected sideyard?

Well, our sideyard is not the center part of activity. But, neglecting this small area could be a bit irritating. However, a sideyard is a free extention for our house. This small area could be as comfortable as other living space. See if any of these items are just what your sideyard need.

Sideyard for a sweet escape from routin

Tired of your daily routin? Put them aside then. Place a rocking chair or a bench with books, and magasin in your sideyard. Hide your gadget and smartphone. Leave the daily chore, no deadline, nor kids. Or, lay down on a hammock. Sideyard could be an area to get a quiet contemplation and also, a cat nap if you want.

A coffee in the sideyard

Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s habit. Why dont you serve yourself a morning coffee in the sideyard instead of in bed? Set a small table with one or two chairs. Feel the different nuance.

Work out and yoga space

Doing a simple exercise in the sideyard, why not? You just need to bring barble and yoga matress here. Or simply nothing.

You can do workout without any equipment. If you need privacy, and to make separate between you and neighbours, these deviders are excellent.

Space of hobby you enjoy or your kids

You don’t have to be a Picasso to paint. Nor your kids. While they paint here, you save your home wall. Or, what’s your hobby? Gardening? You may look for rack or an end table to  keep organised flower pots.


Have some ideas for sideyard? Let me know your comments…

Liven-up the Living Room

We spend more time in our living room. This is the room for relaxing and socializing. We enjoy moment with friends and family here. So, it is important to keep this room in chic design, right?

Living room is an area where we put furniture, hang photos, paint the wall in bright-lovely colour, and somehow, we can display our child’s trophy, badges, or unique merchandise inside.

Creating a stylish living room is not so tough. While organizing this area could be an enjoyable moment.

What to be set in living room?

Of course, furniture. Let’s reset them in different side. The arrangement of furnitures should be conducive to conversation. Set your chair and coffeee table in a right position, so that you can reach your tea, remote, or book easily.

Cover the coffee table with tablecloth if you want. Rug and cushions can make a different accent too. But it’s up to you. It’s your style anyway.

Have an old shelf?

That’s great. You can do a colour experimentation on it. Prepare a tape, brush, and paint. Make your creation. You can find an elegant painting in hundreds simple ways on Youtube, or try Pinterest. You have a sense of art? Then, decorate the shelf with your sketch. Paint it with the touch of you. I’m sure you will love arranging books in its new look shelf.    

Where to put photos?

Where do you usually placed them? Let’s reorganize your photos. Put them at your modified shelf. Despite filling it with books, your photo will add a new shade to your shelf. They create a space to endure the tightness of books in the shelf.

You can put photos at the console table too, or hang on the wall. Placed them about 150cm from the ground. Try to rearrange with other hanging artworks. Don’t over. Every room need a negatif space—in short, it is a free area—to balance the density of a room. To much hanging accessories becoming it a store lookalike. It would feel crowded and narrow too.

It is necessary or not to bring plants inside?

Yess! I suggest to add plants on living room. There are several plants with unique look. After all, plants can purify the air and absorbing humidity of the room. Bring them inside surely make your living room feel alive.

plant at an end table

There are so many choices of easy care plants for you—and me—who don’t wanna be busy to treat plants. Some plants even are drought tolerant e.g. cactus, snake plants; some of them can be grown in water like herbs; some are only need low sun light, e.g. photos, ivy, and etc. Various plants are vary in treatment. Chose the one/ones that suit you.  

Then, now you’ve know what to start. Let’s make it fun.