Work with an Awkward Nook

When you finished working with your house, you walk around fixing all you have done before, then you realise that there is still one more to do with an awkward narrow corner or an empty tight space in your house, what would you do? Emptying this small corner make you feel weird for the balance of your room, but filling it with furniture would make it too crowded. It’s just not right, not filling the shape. 

Finding the best furniture that satisfy your feeling is tricky. But, let me try to fulfill it. Take a look of these various products. Let’s make this awkward nook useful or decorate it.

The Small Nook


It’s a must have item in every household life. I usually keep my little and easy-losing stuff in the drawer. And also for something that I don’t want my kids get. Still love reading books? Keep your read-later book in it, to avoid anyone screwing up your page.

Rack and Vas

Plants will refresh the atmosphere of your room. You can choose, hang the plant, add this slim plant rack, or just put the plant in a big vase. Many plants can thrive well indoor. Others can grow better in shade. I suggest you to try succulent. They don’t need often watering and are a low maintenance plants. Adding snake plants or photos family will freshen up your room. They are good for purifying air too.

Accessories: Lamp, Hat Holder, Mirror

Decorate a small nook with lamp or hat holder would be a good idea. Both of them are useful and beautiful. Mirror is one of my favorite accessories. Hang it in the corner. Set the position to get better sunlight refraction. It would make the room look brighter and bigger.

End table

What is the function of this small table? Put a vas on it. Or a bowl full of fruit, mushrooms, other accessories. Or put nothing. Your guest can lay their stuff on it. It’s really is an extension to be placed in a nook. 

Your awkward nook is a bit longer?

Book Shelf

Actually, a book shelf is not only for book lovers. You can put books—of course—but also photos here, toys, or your mini DIY projects. You can get double benefits: keeping books and also your accessories. Try to set them in color, shape, and height. It’s functional and eye catching for your guest.

Console Table

This long and slim table place closely to the wall. I usually use it to put anything before and after going. You can display anything on it too.

So, what do you think? Let me know it in comments….

Sideyard Ideas to Try

Being fed up on neglected sideyard?

Well, our sideyard is not the center part of activity. But, neglecting this small area could be a bit irritating. However, a sideyard is a free extention for our house. This small area could be as comfortable as other living space. See if any of these items are just what your sideyard need.

Sideyard for a sweet escape from routin

Tired of your daily routin? Put them aside then. Place a rocking chair or a bench with books, and magasin in your sideyard. Hide your gadget and smartphone. Leave the daily chore, no deadline, nor kids. Or, lay down on a hammock. Sideyard could be an area to get a quiet contemplation and also, a cat nap if you want.

A coffee in the sideyard

Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s habit. Why dont you serve yourself a morning coffee in the sideyard instead of in bed? Set a small table with one or two chairs. Feel the different nuance.

Work out and yoga space

Doing a simple exercise in the sideyard, why not? You just need to bring barble and yoga matress here. Or simply nothing.

You can do workout without any equipment. If you need privacy, and to make separate between you and neighbours, these deviders are excellent.

Space of hobby you enjoy or your kids

You don’t have to be a Picasso to paint. Nor your kids. While they paint here, you save your home wall. Or, what’s your hobby? Gardening? You may look for rack or an end table to  keep organised flower pots.


Have some ideas for sideyard? Let me know your comments…

Liven-up the Living Room

We spend more time in our living room. This is the room for relaxing and socializing. We enjoy moment with friends and family here. So, it is important to keep this room in chic design, right?

Living room is an area where we put furniture, hang photos, paint the wall in bright-lovely colour, and somehow, we can display our child’s trophy, badges, or unique merchandise inside.

Creating a stylish living room is not so tough. While organizing this area could be an enjoyable moment.

What to be set in living room?

Of course, furniture. Let’s reset them in different side. The arrangement of furnitures should be conducive to conversation. Set your chair and coffeee table in a right position, so that you can reach your tea, remote, or book easily.

Cover the coffee table with tablecloth if you want. Rug and cushions can make a different accent too. But it’s up to you. It’s your style anyway.

Have an old shelf?

That’s great. You can do a colour experimentation on it. Prepare a tape, brush, and paint. Make your creation. You can find an elegant painting in hundreds simple ways on Youtube, or try Pinterest. You have a sense of art? Then, decorate the shelf with your sketch. Paint it with the touch of you. I’m sure you will love arranging books in its new look shelf.    

Where to put photos?

Where do you usually placed them? Let’s reorganize your photos. Put them at your modified shelf. Despite filling it with books, your photo will add a new shade to your shelf. They create a space to endure the tightness of books in the shelf.

You can put photos at the console table too, or hang on the wall. Placed them about 150cm from the ground. Try to rearrange with other hanging artworks. Don’t over. Every room need a negatif space—in short, it is a free area—to balance the density of a room. To much hanging accessories becoming it a store lookalike. It would feel crowded and narrow too.

It is necessary or not to bring plants inside?

Yess! I suggest to add plants on living room. There are several plants with unique look. After all, plants can purify the air and absorbing humidity of the room. Bring them inside surely make your living room feel alive.

plant at an end table

There are so many choices of easy care plants for you—and me—who don’t wanna be busy to treat plants. Some plants even are drought tolerant e.g. cactus, snake plants; some of them can be grown in water like herbs; some are only need low sun light, e.g. photos, ivy, and etc. Various plants are vary in treatment. Chose the one/ones that suit you.  

Then, now you’ve know what to start. Let’s make it fun.

Adding Green in Home

A room without plants can be bored sometimes. Besides purify the air, plants can enhance the beauty of room. Some plants can be placed indoor. That’s why bonsai, cactus, lavender and others indoor plants become a new trend in modern living. It is a hobby and a life style at one.

While putting plants on pots, have you ever tried to organize them on rack? Or put them in bigger vases? These products may become one of your properties. It creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for your space. Also, a perfect match for your indoor plants.

Teak Root Console Table

Teak root console table have a various shape of the body depend on the root material. Instance of modern furniture, teak root console table give us a different nuance to our room.

Teak Root Console Table

Teak root console table natural finish
Teak root console table
Teak root console table white wash finish
Teak root console table

Teak root console table natural carang finish
Teak root console table

Teak Root Table and Chairs

teak root table
teak root table and chairs
tak root table

Hand carved from solid teak roots, Alas gembol make various size of  root bench, chair and stool that can easily be accommodated three. Every one an original never seen before as the shape and to a certain degree the size is stipulated by the root that it is made from. It can be unite as teak root table and chairs.  These  Very unique and utterly gorgeous they will last for decades outside with very little maintenance.

Roots..put it out from the earth, teak root table

Tree Roots require three things to penetration

Tree Roots require three things : water, oxygen, and soil compaction levels low enough (or with void spaces sufficiently large enough) to allow root penetration. If all these conditions are met, roots can grow to great depths. Under ideal soil and moisture conditions, roots have been observed to grow to more than 20 feet (6 meters) deep.

Early studies of tree roots from the 1930s, often working in easy-to-dig loess soils, presented an image of trees with deep roots and root architecture that mimicked the structure of the top of the tree. The idea of a deeply-rooted tree became embedded as the typical root system for all trees. Later work on urban trees that were planted in more compacted soils more often found very shallow, horizontal root systems. Urban foresters have successfully spent a lot of energy trying to make people understand that tree roots have a basically horizontal orientation, to the point that even many tree professionals now believe that deep roots in trees are a myth. The truth lies somewhere in between deep roots and shallow roots.

This totally horizontal root system formed on top of poorly drained soils.

“Trees are genetically capable of growing deep roots, but root architecture is strongly influenced by soil and climate conditions.”

The most typical limitations to tree rooting in urban areas are soil compaction and poor drainage. These are often related, with a compaction layer creating a poorly-draining hard pan. This results in a perched water layer that restricts roots. Hard pans and perched water tables can also be found in nature. In fine-grained clay soils and fine-grained silty soils, pore space — and therefore and rooting depth — is often limited. Since these conditions are quite common in urban areas, shallow rooted trees are often seen as “typical.

** This video.below is how to make the top of teak root coffee table flat.
Teak root Coffee Table Glass Top. Upload from Alas Gembol’s workshop/factory.
Yogyakarta, Indonesia.. Same process with other teak root table products.

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