Time definitely goes fast. After two months, we’ll reach 2021 in winter/summer. Certainly, different country, different season. What season are you in?

Northern hemisphere countries now enjoying the falling leaves. While southern are in spring. Ah, wherever you are, every season comes in it’s beautiful tone. Let’s praise!

As the season changes, I’d love to welcome it by sitting on my front porch, regarding and listening to the sound of nature. Such a melancholic?! Oh, it’s just my way for calming myself while the deadline try to catch me out. Since the pandemic oblige me to stay—hibernate—at my home office, it’s really relaxing to get different atmosphere outside.

Have you feel it too?

As I need to fulfill my 15 minutes of rest from the screen, it’s a habit for me to take a short break in the front porch. I’ve tried to arrange some furniture to set it comfy. And actually, with a bit creativity, we could get a cozy front porch to please ourselves and our future guest. Check out the following.

Rocking chair or a swing porch?

I tried them both. It’s difficult for me to choose which one more inviting. So, rather than ditch one of them, I switch rocking chair to swing, swing to rocking chair. May sound fatigue? Ah, it’s not that tough after all. Otherwise, you’ll probably amazed of the result. A classic rocking chair or a textile colorful swing would freshen up the front porch. And now, you have an escape from your task while watching life goes by.

Bar table

Having snacks during your busy day could help you stay fit and keep your mood on. A small table and a chair in the front corner would be a satisfying properties to serve you. Remember the coffee shop you often visit? Now you have the imitation one.

A cup of coffee, a muffin, served on a table are just a perfect view while the arriving season send a beautiful scenery in the front porch.


It’s another alternative to create a relaxing front porch. The distinctive difference between a chair and a bench is, I could such lay on the bench while a chair not. After hours sitting on the office chair, my back deserve some minutes of stretching out. Avoid to lay down on the bed, I do need my spirit on working.

After all, whether you want to host a guest or you just want to calm your mind, our front porch deserves a good looking layout. It’s the first impression of our home. Take benefit of it and get your style.

Addin Negara

Addin is a house plants enthusiast, a detective novel addict reader, previously worked as a fiction editor, and lately a writer about home design and decor.

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