How is life after quarantine?

After several weeks, I—you?—jump into feeling stuck. It’s not easy for me to stay “sane” while social media spurt out COVID-19 victims, dobble—hard—chore to do, children school tasks, and of course my job. All in one pack. Every day. But, I need to keep going. Let’s breath… and here are some tricks to give my mood an upgrade which you absolutely could try too.

Work Booster

1. Reset the Spot

We need the right location for the office, of course. In a private room, in attick, in a lovely patio, even in a nook could be a place to set your desk. How about to switch into one of them?

Having children? Well, do you want to work with your children in one room, or in separate place? Is it okey having job to do—with deadline—while your children have to do their homework, in one room? Go discuss with them. My children have their own studio and I have a large desk. If we want to, we can do our work together, in my desk.

Pay attention where the sunlight come from. You certainly need the light to work.

2. Clean your Desk, from Anything

Every day we will bring something to the desk; coffee, muffin, papers, even banana. In fact, you just need one pen and note since we work with laptop. No need to fill your desk with a lot of office stuff. Get your new equipment to where they belong. Beside, our hands need some space to rely comfortably.

3. Redecorate

Give your desk a fresh fragrant flower pot, or spray a parfume. Stick a chalkboard sticker as a to do list note. Place a colorful hand pad to comfort your wrist. Print a drawing pattern, or use ribbon to touch up your agenda. Put cushion for your back. Otherwise, do you need to change your chair?

Feel the different.

4. Stay Stylish

When was the last time you buy a new lipstick? Are you still in touch for fashion? Actually, we are in the teleconference era. We are at our own home, but people still notice for what you wear. Bring your energy out. It appears from what you look.

Mood Refreshment

1. Growing Plants

Garden is a great lab not only for us, kids too. Growing edible plants and herbs are good choices since we aren’t allowed to go outside often. Then, let’s get ourself busy on the ground, container, or even a narrow window sill could work for growing flowers. Interesting on hidroponic? Then, try. Composting? Why not?

2. Preparing Backyard/Sideyard for Picnic

Simply replace small flower into the bigger pot, switch one pot to another, put them on a rack, cut some long branch, brown leaves, pour fertilizer, water, and done. Now you have a new spot for picnic.

Then, lay a mat. Bring your lunch there. Prepare an umbrella, sun glasses, and novel. A juicy fruit would be nice too. If you could set a hammock, it’s perfect!

3. Workout with Children

How long have you stared the monitor? Do you take your supplement regularly? When did the last day you go to the gym? You still could do workout at home, with no equipment. Then, why dont we enjoy it with children?

Missing for swimming? A paddling pool would cheer your kids. It will be exciting.

4. Virtual Family Dinner

Family dinner surely is a memorable moment. But, some of us have to face this quarantine with nobody. However, we certainly could stay connect with them. Call your mom/dad. Ask them for having virtual family dinner. Stay happy for them—for you too—and enjoy the moment.

Have you found a way to make your day lively? I bet you have. Share me yours in comment.

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