COVID-19 hit every inch of our life. Our activities, bussiness, schools, home, travels…, everythings had to be done in different way. Our face to face life’s—which had burdened by gadget—getting tight. Then, our digital media had overloaded by the fact and myth of this virus, washing hand info spread to all over social media, lockdown and financial issue get into the head of news.

What should we do against this situation?

Being obey of the doctor’s and government’s policy are the best thing we can do. Now, stay at home and work from home seem to become the most popular phrase we’ve heard. However, as everythings change around us, let’s check some lists below that I wish could recharge your enthusiasme.

Restart your good and new habit

Attempting our morning routine before working from home is a good mood booster to make the day.  

  1. Making your bed

How long have you been forgotten to tidy up your bed? Is this only for our childhood chore? After messing it all night, tidying it up does’nt need any pain. It’s simple and easy

2. 15 minutes simple work out

Choose the simplest, easiest work out from your favorite tutor’s video. The best way to start daily routine work up is just do it anyway!

3. Cook your own healthy breakfast

Supply your kitchen with vegetables, fruits, fillet, oat, and dry spices. Search some info in the internet about how to store them in container and how to cook a modest healthy cooking. And, take your pan, try to cook your own. Serve yourself your handmade breakfast. If this is your first time, it’s thrilling!

4. Coffee or tea, milk or juice?

If you used to make coffee in the morning, exchange it into juice would be worth to try. Would you?

Prepare your office

Is this the first time your working from home? Then, we’ll need a proper office. We’ll do everythings—from coffee to cleaning service—ourself.

  1. Set your table, stationary, and paper

Office tools should be ready in your table. Arrange your table and light in the right spot so you could work comfortably.

2. Clean your social media

Every task is under your control. No one patronise you. Create such an office taste. It means no online shoping, nor chit chat before you handle your task. What’s your schedule today?  

3. Keep up to date

You can gather all information in one click from your smartphone. Daily news of your local government would keep you aware of your situation now

4. Prepare your own snack

Sorry, it’s not potato chip nor muffin. Would you try yoghurt or fruits? Mind your health.

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