Round Garden Table


Price FOB Port Semarang

Minimum order a 20′ container, mix with other item

We have a lot of item and design of teak root tables. Teak Wood, suar wood and lychee wood is a natural material that can be easily cut and shaped which gives you the chance to make all types of tables. For instance, you can make some shape of wood logs, or maybe create some interesting shape out of wood slices.

Alas gembol is furniture manufacturer and export company located in Java Indonesia, where the largest teak plantation in the world located. We have export permit and vlegal wood certificate.


teak root table

Round Garden Table

Product Code : AG TABLE 76

Size :

 $      60 Ø 80×76
 $      70 Ø 100×76
 $      80 Ø 120×76

Price FOB Port Semarang.

Material : teak wood

Origin : Indonesia

Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 80 × 76 cm


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