dining tabla

New Year finally comes.

I am sure people—specially you—around the world have plenty resolutions to do. A new business strategy, new project, or maybe you think of breaking uncontrolled things, plan some other things and blablabla…. Left behind 2018.  

Firstly in the beginning of this month, I kept thinking how to break my old dining table. I wanna give it a new look in a simple way. Despite buying a new dining table, I decided to place some objects to refresh it.

And, these are my choices:

Teak bowl

Natural Teak Bowl

I give my first glance to those teak bowls. Put some fruits on it. Pick some flowers too, throw them in. Done!

So simple? I used to store fruit in fridge, flowers in a glass vase. So, I did a little exchange and it gives a different look on my dining table. Off course, I love the color combination of fruits-flowers and the natural polish teak bowl. It’s beautiful.

Candle holder

In tropical countries, flies fly around dining table. Candle can very useful to send them away, It’s also brings different atmosphere. Those candle holders save my dining table from melting wax and surely give a new feel.  

Which one is your choice?

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