Being fed up on neglected sideyard?

Well, our sideyard is not the center part of activity. But, neglecting this small area could be a bit irritating. However, a sideyard is a free extention for our house. This small area could be as comfortable as other living space. See if any of these items are just what your sideyard need.

Sideyard for a sweet escape from routin

Tired of your daily routin? Put them aside then. Place a rocking chair or a bench with books, and magasin in your sideyard. Hide your gadget and smartphone. Leave the daily chore, no deadline, nor kids. Or, lay down on a hammock. Sideyard could be an area to get a quiet contemplation and also, a cat nap if you want.

A coffee in the sideyard

Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s habit. Why dont you serve yourself a morning coffee in the sideyard instead of in bed? Set a small table with one or two chairs. Feel the different nuance.

Work out and yoga space

Doing a simple exercise in the sideyard, why not? You just need to bring barble and yoga matress here. Or simply nothing.

You can do workout without any equipment. If you need privacy, and to make separate between you and neighbours, these deviders are excellent.

Space of hobby you enjoy or your kids

You don’t have to be a Picasso to paint. Nor your kids. While they paint here, you save your home wall. Or, what’s your hobby? Gardening? You may look for rack or an end table to  keep organised flower pots.


Have some ideas for sideyard? Let me know your comments…