Five months since we work from home with electronic equipment around and almost everything digitized. We are moving from bed-kitchen-laundry room-(home) office-TV-back to office. We stay 24 hours home. We get used to order food delivery, cooking, doing laundry and chore by ourselves. Also, being adapted to online meeting. It’s our habit now.

Do you get the ritme?

Absolutely, you (should) have to!

This year, we learn to survive at home. It’s not only to do anything by ourselves, but also to manage the stress. We could end up on being stress for struggling in a routine task, in the same space and view, again and again. Likely, we need different taste, new vibe, and fresh air. Even so, the situation is different. The new normal situation doesn’t allow us to hang out normally. We are under several protocol to obey.

However, we could try to get a fresh look in our lovely home (where else?). I come up with some ideas to style our home and I wish that it could take over the boredom. Let’s take a look for these items.

  1. Styling  Storage

    When it comes about stuff, then it always about storing stuff to where they belong. Of course. It’s a wasting time finding key, note, pen, hairbands…any(small)thing in a messy storage. But, even a tidy shelf would come into a messy box after months. Then, let’s reorginise them. Drop stuff from storage A to B, B to D, switch them. Place  the goods you often use to the nearest drawer. Try to change your rack  position to another spot, or to the opposite corner.

    Yes, you would get it clean and neat. Furthermore, it would refresh and change over the look of your room.

  2. Room Divider

    Months ago, we locked the door, spent 8 to 9 hours in the office, and get back home to bed. Today, our house is also an office. We could take laptop to bed, to dining table, to table in front porch, and in the afternoon, you find yourself in the patio.

    Do you get your focus?

    I really am suggest you to divide between fun time and office time. Working in the office cubical may sound tiresome, but it helps you to get your focus. Anyway, you could hang a curtain to replace the conventional cubical. Or, a room divider? As it’s name, it works to separate space, block your views, and to keep you focusing on your job.

  3. Bar Table

    The nook of our room might become a forgotten area. Although, with a bit creativity, we could decorate or use it. Plants is a decoration that everyone love, and you could take benefit on it, for sure. Add a pot of mother tongue plant or golden photos would make different your nook, moreover they could purify the air too.

    Nevertheless, at the corner near the window, setting a simple small table and a chair would give your room an additional view. Comfort yourself with a cup of chocolate while sitting and enjoying the view through the window.

  4. Side table

    One room needs to be enhanced is your private room, the bed room. it’s a room where we throw out our fatigue. No doubt, a qualifying bed time, after all day working, is important to get you fresh in the morning.

    Prepare yourself to get a better sleep. Read a book could help you reducing stress. Also, put your smartphone, set alarm, and serve a glass of water. Though,  the side table would work for relying anything in a reachable distance.

    Certainly, there are much more to do to enliven your room. I would like to know it. Share me yours!

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