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How do You Spend your Life Inside Home? (Part 2)

In the last article, I talked about starting good and new habit, also preparing office at home. Below, I go on cleanliness and stress management. It’s about us, our work, our life, and of course our beloved home.

More concern of the cleanliness                                                 

While we spend almost all day in home, it’s time to check all over corner of our house. Rather than cleaning all over part of the house, cleaning each room per day would be easier. That’s what I’ve done. It won’t waste much energy. But if you want to and able for cleaning over entire house, why not? Clean the room you often use first, like bathroom and kitchen. And, a little exchange of furniture’s display would refresh our home too.

Since the virus may life on the surface hours to days, focus to disinfect objects we touch often, such as: the door knob, remote control, keys, light switches, glasses. Check your soap supply. Put it near wash basin. Also, it’s important to practice physical distancing, avoid touching face area, and wash your hands often.

Stay happy

I do feel bored stay at home all weeks. Still, there are some ways we could do.

I’m talking about clothes and shoes we keep in wardrobe, books covered dust we display on rack. Why dont we donate them? Sharing is also a kind of happiness.  

Any other collection?

  • Orginizing memories

Our digital photos or video may need to be up loading to cloud, some may need to be deleted. Some might be printed, then decorate it with handmade frame. It would be another activity to get rid of bored.

  • A Sudden Video Maker

Nowadays, Zoom, GoogleClass Room, and others teleconference applications are in trend for online meeting. Say hello to your family/friends. Share your instant video for your beloved. Stay connect with them. If you are not familiar using such applications, then it’s time to train yourself. Have fun with new skill!

  • Get yourself busy

It could be more concern for your plants or pet. Search some info on the internet. How much light does the plant need, when to move a new sprout, is the flower edible or not. Know better your plant, let them clean the air and add elegance to your house.

What do you want to be busy for?

  • Make some new plans

Stop feeling tired. Let’s stay positive and keep your head up.

 Anyway, how do you live your life? Share me your though.

Liven-up the Living Room

We spend more time in our living room. This is the room for relaxing and socializing. We enjoy moment with friends and family here. So, it is important to keep this room in chic design, right?

Living room is an area where we put furniture, hang photos, paint the wall in bright-lovely colour, and somehow, we can display our child’s trophy, badges, or unique merchandise inside.

Creating a stylish living room is not so tough. While organizing this area could be an enjoyable moment.

What to be set in living room?

Of course, furniture. Let’s reset them in different side. The arrangement of furnitures should be conducive to conversation. Set your chair and coffeee table in a right position, so that you can reach your tea, remote, or book easily.

Cover the coffee table with tablecloth if you want. Rug and cushions can make a different accent too. But it’s up to you. It’s your style anyway.

Have an old shelf?

That’s great. You can do a colour experimentation on it. Prepare a tape, brush, and paint. Make your creation. You can find an elegant painting in hundreds simple ways on Youtube, or try Pinterest. You have a sense of art? Then, decorate the shelf with your sketch. Paint it with the touch of you. I’m sure you will love arranging books in its new look shelf.    

Where to put photos?

Where do you usually placed them? Let’s reorganize your photos. Put them at your modified shelf. Despite filling it with books, your photo will add a new shade to your shelf. They create a space to endure the tightness of books in the shelf.

You can put photos at the console table too, or hang on the wall. Placed them about 150cm from the ground. Try to rearrange with other hanging artworks. Don’t over. Every room need a negatif space—in short, it is a free area—to balance the density of a room. To much hanging accessories becoming it a store lookalike. It would feel crowded and narrow too.

It is necessary or not to bring plants inside?

Yess! I suggest to add plants on living room. There are several plants with unique look. After all, plants can purify the air and absorbing humidity of the room. Bring them inside surely make your living room feel alive.

plant at an end table

There are so many choices of easy care plants for you—and me—who don’t wanna be busy to treat plants. Some plants even are drought tolerant e.g. cactus, snake plants; some of them can be grown in water like herbs; some are only need low sun light, e.g. photos, ivy, and etc. Various plants are vary in treatment. Chose the one/ones that suit you.  

Then, now you’ve know what to start. Let’s make it fun.