When you finished working with your house, you walk around fixing all you have done before, then you realise that there is still one more to do with an awkward narrow corner or an empty tight space in your house, what would you do? Emptying this small corner make you feel weird for the balance of your room, but filling it with furniture would make it too crowded. It’s just not right, not filling the shape. 

Finding the best furniture that satisfy your feeling is tricky. But, let me try to fulfill it. Take a look of these various products. Let’s make this awkward nook useful or decorate it.

The Small Nook


It’s a must have item in every household life. I usually keep my little and easy-losing stuff in the drawer. And also for something that I don’t want my kids get. Still love reading books? Keep your read-later book in it, to avoid anyone screwing up your page.

Rack and Vas

Plants will refresh the atmosphere of your room. You can choose, hang the plant, add this slim plant rack, or just put the plant in a big vase. Many plants can thrive well indoor. Others can grow better in shade. I suggest you to try succulent. They don’t need often watering and are a low maintenance plants. Adding snake plants or photos family will freshen up your room. They are good for purifying air too.

Accessories: Lamp, Hat Holder, Mirror

Decorate a small nook with lamp or hat holder would be a good idea. Both of them are useful and beautiful. Mirror is one of my favorite accessories. Hang it in the corner. Set the position to get better sunlight refraction. It would make the room look brighter and bigger.

End table

What is the function of this small table? Put a vas on it. Or a bowl full of fruit, mushrooms, other accessories. Or put nothing. Your guest can lay their stuff on it. It’s really is an extension to be placed in a nook. 

Your awkward nook is a bit longer?

Book Shelf

Actually, a book shelf is not only for book lovers. You can put books—of course—but also photos here, toys, or your mini DIY projects. You can get double benefits: keeping books and also your accessories. Try to set them in color, shape, and height. It’s functional and eye catching for your guest.

Console Table

This long and slim table place closely to the wall. I usually use it to put anything before and after going. You can display anything on it too.

So, what do you think? Let me know it in comments….

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